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Ondundu Lodge

Where Luxury Is Untamed

The unspoiled natural setting of Ondundu Etosha Lodge is the perfect place to stop over for several days while exploring the wilds of western Etosha as well as the unique north-western part of Namibia. Ondundu Etosha Lodge forms part of 6,600 hectares of privately owned land and the non-perennial Huab River winds its way through the property. The Huab River is one of Namibia’s ephemeral river systems, bringing life to this arid part of the country. Situated on the banks of the Huab River, Ondundu Etosha Lodge is sheltered by the granite mountains and boulders that make up this picturesque landscape. The three-tiered main lodge consists of a dining area, a reader’s lounge, several seating areas, a business centre and a bar. A patio/ swimming pool area is situated at the entranceway to the lodge, with an access route to the bar, so it is ideal for cooling down during those hot summer days. Both Wi-Fi and a laundry service are available.


The following facilities and amenities are available at the Main Lodge:
Dining Area
Public Toilets
Business Center
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Laundry Service
Wifi – Limited Free, Voucher available for purchase
Fire Pit
House Keeping
Daily Cleaning Service

The Huab River Valley

The Huab River Valley is a unique habitat that gives life to this arid part of Namibia. It is one of the last places in Africa where natural migration of wildlife onto privately owned land still occurs. At the beginning of the rainy season, wildlife migrates eastwards from Damaraland, following the dry riverbed of the non-perennial Huab, trying to reach the early rains in the eastern part of the country. The Huab River winds its way through the property for 8 km, providing food in the form of seed pods and other green shrubs. It is also the only part of Namibia where you find desert-adapted elephants living naturally on privately owned land.
Huab River Valley
Valley Of Life.
Iconic Wildlife
Home of the Western Arid Region elephants.
Huab River
One of the most important ephemeral river systems of Namibia.
Leopard Claw
Unique granite rock formation with, spectacular view of the Huab River valley.
African Sunset

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.”